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Thursday, January 20, 2011

We have moved on...

Our activities are now recorded on - we trust you will find this as interesting as this. God bless you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas 2009

Dear Friends - Please see my new blog for the Christmas 2009 Update. The address is:
Thank you very much for your continued support and encouragement. God bless you.

Friday, August 28, 2009

We've been as busy as a bee!!

A big Thank You to the Whispering Hope Angels - Anil Rao from Sharjah, Alun Long from England, Pam Hendricks, Sharon and Troy Gomes from Australia, Chitra Satish and Monica Charles, from Chennai – for their delightful contributions which helped the poor and the needy in different ways – from medicines to baby food and staple rations, a little help with the overdue house rent, pocket money for young girls and boys, new clothes for some and chocolates galore for the various children we come across from time to time. In addition to this, Sushmita and Kaavya were gifted a bicycle. Needless to say, this had the two sisters overwhelmed with joy.

Thanks to Lochlan Fernandez from Australia, Sagar (aged 7) and Samir (aged 4) were given a grand birthday party. The two little chaps and their friends had a great time tucking into the yummy cake and delightful snacks. The highlights of the day were the goody bags and the photograph session.

Our angels from Bangalore – Kumar, Mahalakshmi, and Tripta – contributed generously and St. Mark’s Matriculation School in Chennai, now have a new Slide and SeeSaw for their kindergarten children. Happiness, delight, joy, enthusiasm and yes, a lot of noisy chatter, was the order of the day when these playthings were inaugurated at the end of July. Story books are being collected for the library that is soon to be put up in the same school.

The 6th of September 2009 will see 45 children from an orphanage in Chennai being treated to a party which we intend hosting at a charming little park. Whispering Hope’s new angels from England, little Miss Trishna Mathew gave up her pocket money to buy each of the 15 girls from this orphanage a new dress, while Roshen Pillai from Puerto Rico and her brother Kiran from Chennai are sponsoring the delectable snacks – creamy cakes, ice cream, etc!!

Whispering Hope has now started making headway with its long term plans. Pensions were enhanced and a few more ladies were added to the list since April 2009. Candle making sessions have also started and we should have a good number ready by the year end. If all goes well, through the selling of these candles, the unemployed can earn a little money from time to time.

With Diwali and Christmas coming closer, Whispering Hope is busy making plans for the festival season. Let’s all get together and give the underprivileged something to remember. Do pass the word around – just note that we need a lot of stuff for kids and the oldies!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whispering Hope Marches On

After a hectic Christmas season, Whispering Hope went ahead with its long term plans and set the ball rolling by enhancing the pension scheme by one hundred rupees to the present beneficiaries. A few new members are to be enrolled from April 2009 and we wish to bring a little happiness to these chosen women.

Our Angels from Bangalore, Tripta and Manoj Barai, stepped in to help an unwed mother support her baby daughter. The father of the baby was very keen to ‘sell’ this child and Whispering Hope rushed to its rescue. With the extra cash coming in, mother and child are doing fine; the father is beginning to show some love towards this tiny mite. To protect the identities, we are not putting up the baby’s photo just yet.

Further plans are being made to open a weekend holiday home for children to get away from it all. If all goes well, Whispering Hope may take this one step further and open a home away from home for senior citizens. Your prayers and wishes are solicited for these plans. Thank you very much.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Bonanza - December 2008

‘Whispering Hope’ kept the spirit of loving and giving alive, all through the Christmas Season, by reaching out to a wide spectrum of children. As promised, the show started on 20th December at St. Mark’s Matriculation School, Perambur, Chennai. During the School’s annual concert, exciting prizes were distributed to the children who ranked 1 to 10 in class. The excitement and joy that filled these children knew no bounds and because of this, the other children were determined to do better in their studies. The parents who attended the concert were extremely happy that their children were felicitated in such a grand manner. We could not forget the hard work put in by the teachers all the year through and colourful saris were distributed to them as a token of our appreciation. There was also a gift for each of the support staff for the hard work that they do for the school, ensuring that the children are kept in a clean environment.

Bright and sunny was the 21st December, when Whispering Hope hit the road with children all set for a trip to the beach. The children hail from a Choolai slum, (Natesan Nagar), in Chennai. They came to my home where delicious chocolates – Cadbury Roses, all the way from England(!) were distributed to them. With a girly Santa Claus, a Mother Mary and Child Jesus, the group set off in a little truck. The children were deliriously happy and kept wishing everyone on the road a ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’! We wound up at the Besant Nagar beach where mouth watering ‘aloo paratas’ and ‘kachoris’ were munched on. What’s a beach party without the icecream? And, icecream it was, for all the 20 kiddos and volunteers! After the snacks, there was a round of presents and then the children headed off to splash around in the sea. A most pleasurable day was had by one and all.

Whispering Hope also gave a helping hand to Rev. Fr Jayaraj who runs an orphanage in Malligaipuram near Kanchi. A donation was made towards the Christmas lunch and around 70 little goody bags given for the children. A few goody bags were also distributed to the children at the SALT Children’s Home in Tindivanam, near Pondicherry, and to little ones I met while driving along the village roads in the Thanjavur district.

Whispering Hope was also instrumental in distributing children’s clothes given by the sponsors to those in need. 2 Pressure cookers, a few saris and toys were also given to the needy. A little something to light up their miserable lives especially during the Christmas season – a time for loving and giving.

Whispering Hope remembered the pain and suffering that the terminally ill patients have with their battle against cancer and a hamper of toiletries, milk, dettol, etc. was presented to the Jeevodaya Cancer Hospice at Mathur, Chennai, on the 24th December. Delicious Gulab Jamuns were also given for the nursing staff and the patients to ensure that a ‘sweet’ Christmas was had by one and all. A further monetary contribution towards a day’s meal is soon to be made once the details are confirmed.

Whispering Hope also remembered the poor families taken care of by the Vincent de Paul Society of St. Joseph’s Church, Vepery, Chennai, and a sumptuous breakfast is to be given to these destitutes on the 18th January 2009.

Whispering Hope also enhanced the pension scheme and the beneficiaries are extremely happy with this small gesture from us.

Photographs are being uploaded - refer Photo Bucket/album named December 2008.

A big THANK YOU to the sponsors and volunteers

Whispering Hope would like to thank the sponsors who came forward to donate generously making our various Christmas programs a huge success. Without our many sponsors, we would not have been able to reach out to the various under privileged children and adults that we came across.

Special thanks go out to PR Balasubramaniam and another angel from Mumbai, V. Kumar from Bangalore, Biju & Sudha Damodaran and Pearl Nagaraj from Muscat, and Helen Bakes from Sydney who were instrumental in making the ‘Christmas Bonanza’ come true.

My good friends from Chennai : Mrs. Hermie Vanspall, Ordetta Mendoza, Jenny White (a big ‘thank you’ Jenny, for helping out with the pensions), and Monica Charles: Catherine Mendonza from Sydney, and Gertie Cobb from Melbourne, my aunts Philomena and Florence from the UK, Alun Long from the UK, and Bridgette White from Bangalore were kind enough to pitch in and help in the giving process.

Yvonne Ryan and her friend Barbara from the UK, Zafer Atici from Thailand, Juan Fradera and Prashant Mullasery from Singapore provided the lovely clothes, gifts and chocolates which were distributed fairly and squarely among the babies and children that we came across this festive season.

We would like to thank Mr. Yeshwanth Giri, Mr. Sivam, Mr. Umapathy, Mrs. Regina Raja, Mrs Lucia and her daughter Stella, Miss Judith, Mrs Sita, and Miss Rajkumari for the volunteer support rendered to make the Christmas Bonanza a huge success.

Thanks a million for all the help and we look forward to your continued support.

First Anniversary of Whispering Hope

Whispering Hope celebrated its 1st Anniversary on 8th December 2008. As a token of appreciation, and in return for all the help rendered thru the past, attractive custom made cotton Tshirts were distributed to the long term sponsors, volunteers and well wishers during the festive season. We pray that our efforts to spread God’s love and cheer among the down trodden will continue with renewed vigour during the coming year and add more meaning to our existence here on this planet. God bless each of you in a very special manner this year. Thank you very much for your generosity and continued support.